Enterprise Resource Planning

We know what it takes to successfully choose and implement the right ERP software solution for your business. Our ERP service offerings focus on every task necessary to ensure our clients achieve the most business benefits possible from their ERP systems.


ERP implementation planning requires ERP experts who know your industry, know the ERP software chosen, and what it takes to get it implemented on time and on budget. But perhaps most important is finding ERP experts who have what it takes to ensure your organization actually realizes all the business benefits it should from the system. The Brain Factory is just that level of ERP expert.


Engage us to start your planning process today. We offer complete ERP project management and support, as well as implementation planning. We help our clients understand what ERP implementation is and how to discover the best solutions.


The ERP Practice at the Brain Factory covers a wide range of software and plays a key role in the functional design, implementation and ongoing enhancement of ERP systems, specifically Microsoft Dynamics AX.


The Microsoft Dynamics AX Practice

Are you looking for help with your Microsoft Dynamics AX? Let us get the right people working on it. Whether your need is Functional or Technical, look no further. The Brain Factory has your AX solution - our certified professionals are ready to share their knowledge and experience.