Dynamics AX Practice

The leadership team at The Brain Factory saw the talent gap for Dynamics AX professionals at a very early stage, and took the decision to create a Dynamics AX practice. The concept proved to be an instant success, giving our consultants the opportunity to work on end user implementations & support various VARs in their projects. Our Dynamics AX practice has emerged as a premium option for any development work - reliable, consistent and best in class.


Our approach is simple: we meet with the client to understand their business and technical challenges. We then develop a plan to solve their problems; identify appropriate resources and successfully execute on the plan. All along we ensure that the plan supports the client's goals and expectations. Team Brain Factory then makes all the necessary adjustments to exceed these expectations.


The Brain Factory has kept a global focus on Dynamics AX and established partnerships throughout the world with Partners and End Users alike. We have an intimate knowledge of the AX marketplace and fully understand how hard it is to find talent. Our team is deft at managing global complexity, keeping options open for a correct mix of off-shoring and on-shoring. These strategies have allowed us to manage supply and demand; thus enabling us to meet new opportunities quickly.


With a focus on efficiency, reliability and on-going support, The Brain Factory can handle any Dynamics AX project. If you need a full life-cycle implementation, upgrade, or even minor modifications, we are your premier choice. We have the unique ability to immediately assess your needs, and translate them into business requirements. Whether you need ad-hoc development services, functional implementation consultants or testing specialists, we have you covered. For every client, we extend the horizontal ERP capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX to improve performance within the organization.